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"Experience" is the gate through which we pass subconsciously each second of every day. It's the intangible element that comprises our memories, guides our circumstantial emotions, and defines our character. It's the instrument that plays our individual songs of life and our collective, millennia-long symphony of fellowship.

For these reasons and more, an experience is the greatest tool at our disposal and the most undeniable means of influencing one another—and it's why I contend to create unforgettable, evocative, and emotional experiences for and with people.

I believe there is uncompromising power in team-driven creativity, success, and failure; collaboration is the necessary building block of all memorable outcomes. Without deep empathy for artistic vulnerabilities, we would never feel the incredible triumph of finding belonging among others or larger value in our own work.

Because every choice we make influences the collective journey of those around us, I've made it my adventure to influence the experience(s) of as many people as I can, impart value into their lives through partnership, and build pathways for lasting, meaningful work.

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