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* denotes world premiere


Bach, Johann Sebastian

Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007

Suite for Solo Cello No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008

Suite for Solo Cello No. 3 in C major, BWV 1009

Suite for Solo Cello No. 4 in E-flat major, BWV 1010

Boccherini, Luigi

Cello Concerto No. 9 in B-flat major, G. 482

Bloch, Ernest

Méditation Hébraïque

Bruch, Max

Kol Nidrei, Op. 47

Dvořák, Antonín

Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191

Elgar, Edward

Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85

Fauré, Gabriel

Elegie, Op. 24

Goltermann, Georg

Cello Concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 65

Haydn, Franz Joseph

Cello Concerto No. 1 in C major, Hob. VIIb/1

Cello Concerto No. 2 in D major, Hob. VIIb/2

Lalo, Édouard

Cello Concerto in D minor

Popper, David

High School of Cello Playing, Op. 73

Saint-Saëns, Camille

Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 33

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Cello Concerto No. 1 in E-flat major, Op. 19

Vivaldi, Antonio

Concerto for Two Cellos in G major, RV 531

Walton, William

Cello Concerto

Zhang, Hangrui

A Broken Kaleidoscope (2016), concerto for string duo and percussion quartet*


Beethoven, Ludwig van

Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 5 in D major, Op. 102, No. 2

String Quartet No. 4 in C minor, Op. 18, No. 4

String Quartet No. 7 in F major, Op. 59, No. 1, "Razumovsky"

String Quartet No. 13 in B-flat major, Op. 130, V. Cavatina

Grosse fuge, Op. 133

Bentz, Nicholas

a night sky consumed in light (2015)

Mikylvxka Hllupo (2017)

Borodin, Alexander

String Quartet No. 2 in D major

Brahms, Johannes

Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25

Piano Trio No. 1 in B major, Op. 8

Sonata No. 1 for Cello and Piano in E minor, Op. 38

String Quartet No. 3 in B-flat major, Op. 67

Chase, Jordan

A Pause of Ideation (2016)*


Crumb, George

Black Angels

Dohnányi, Ernst von

Piano Quintet No. 1 in C minor, Op 90

String Quartet No. 3 in A minor, Op. 33

Dvořák, Antonín

String Quartet No. 12 in F major, Op. 96, "American"

"Waldesruhe" for Cello and Piano, B. 173 (from "From the Bohemian Forest")

Haydn, Franz Joseph

String Quartet No. 59 in G minor, Op. 74, No. 3, "Rider"

Hindemith, Paul

String Quartet No. 4, Op. 22

Jay, Evan

String Quartet No. 2, "A Home for a Season" (2015)

Libermann, Lowell

Trio No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op. 32

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Piano Quartet No. 2 in E-flat major, KV 493


Mendelssohn, Felix

Piano Trio No. 2 in C minor, Op. 66

Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2 in D major, Op. 58

String Quartet No. 3 in D major, Op. 44, No. 1

String Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80

Paterson, Robert

Ghost Theater (2013)

Prokofiev, Sergei

String Quartet No. 1 in B minor, Op. 50

Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor, Op. 19

Saint-Saëns, Camille

"The Swan" from Le carnival des animaux, R. 125

Shostakovich, Dmitri

Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor, Op. 40

String Quartet No, 3 in F major, Op. 73

String Quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 108

Guo, Wei

Striker (2016)*

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