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Creative producer and director Kahler Suzuki enjoyed early beginnings in Honolulu, Hawai'i, surrounded by a unique cultural and geographic environment.


At age five, he unearthed the joy of music while running his tiny fingers across the keys of a piano for the first time, and within ten years he found—amidst the islands' effervescent creative landscape—a sanguine source of purpose and pleasure: immersion in community and collaborative experiences with other artistic minds.

He followed his musical voice to Baltimore, Maryland, where he studied cello performance under the eminent tutelage of Alan Stepansky and led creative direction for The Octopodes.

A tip from a friend pointed Kahler to creative opportunities a short train ride away at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where he has pursued expressing his vision for interactive artistic experiences for nearly four years.

Kahler is privileged to have family, friends, and colleagues who support his never-ending search for creative fulfillment,  channeled through his immense loves for performance, design, film, sound engineering, and new technologies.

He hopes to continue playing the songs of camaraderie, integrity, and the free artistic experience he first discovered at a young age—albeit with larger hands and a clear vision.

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